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Mediterranean Regional Information Network (MedRIN) Meeting and Workshop

MedRIN group photo for 1st Meeting in CY

The second Mediterranean Regional Information Network (MedRIN) meeting and workshop will take place at the Aliathon Holiday Village, in Paphos, Cyprus as a component of the 7th International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment (RSCy2019). The conference is being held 18-21 March 2019.  The MedRIN workshop will be held on 20 March 2019 at the conference venue. Further information on the Workshop and the RSCy2019 are available at:

Final remarks from 1st Meeting: MedRIN Presentation_Final Remarks.pdf 



Welcome and Introduction Remarks

              Dr GARIK GUTMAN, NASA, Welcome Note and Introduction,  MedRIN-Paphos- Gutman.pdf

              Dr VINCENT AMBROSIA, NASA , ‘NASA’s support to the MedRIN: the concept and the digital presence’ MedRIN_Ambrosia.pdf


Presentations on MedRIN Development Plan

              Profs DIOFANTOS G. HADJIMITSIS & IOANNIS GITAS, MedRIN Leader and Co-Leader, ‘Current Activities, What’s Next’ MedRIN Presentation Diofantos_Gitas.pdf

              Dr GEORGIA KOUTA ‘Proposed Dissemination and Communication Strategy for MedRIN’ MedRIN Kouta.pdf

              Dr IOANNIS MANAKOS on “The SCERIN network: Best practices and achievements” MedRIN_SCERIN_Manakos.pdf


Presentations by participants on capacity building, best practices and future achievements


             Drs Christiana Papoutsa, Diofantos Gl Hadjimitsis – Cyprus University of Technology,  CY MedRIN Presentation_Hadjimitsis CUT.pdf

             Dr Silas Michaelides – Cyprus Remote Sensing Society, CY MedRIN Presentation_Michaelides.pdf

             Dr Ioannis Gitas, - Greek Participation MedRIN_Gitas GR.pdf

             Dr Ioannis Gitas, Laboratory of Forest Management and Remote Sensing, AUTh-FMRS - GR MedRIN_Gitas FMRS.pdf

             Dr Chariton Kalaitzides, Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania,   – GR MedRIN_Kalaitzidis.pdf

             Dr Stavros Stagakis, FORTH- GR MedRIN_Stagakis.pdf

             Prof Umberto Fratino, Technical University of Bari, – IT MedRIN Fratino.pdf

             Prof Dor Eyal Ben – Remote Sensing Laboratory at Tel Aviv University (RSL-TAU), ISR MedRIN Presentation_Ben-Dor.pdf


Presentations from Observers:

            Prof Miro Govedarica –University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Technical Science - SERB MedRIN Presentation_Govedarica.pdf

            Dr Denitsa Borisova – Space Research and Technology Institute  Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, BUL MedRIN_Borisova BG.pdf

            Prof Zoran Maria – National Institute of R&D for Optoelectronics -  RO MedRIN_Zoran.pdf

            Dr Hansen Tatjana Zivkovic - Analytic Innovation Center, Digital Solutions DNV GL - NO MedRIN_Presentation_Živković Hansen_DNV_GL.pdf


Meeting Location
Aliathon Holiday Village (, Theas Aphrodites Avenue Geroskipou 8201 Pafos – Cyprus
Meeting start date
Meeting end date


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