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RedLatif: Burned Area Estimation in Latin America using a Collaborative Virtual Environment

Redlatif Meeting Mexico 2017

Workshop report:

The workshop was held at the National Commission for Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity (CONABIO) in Mexico City during the first week of August. Participants were located at a nearby Radisson hotel. We had 15 speakers and several invited participants. One participant, Carlos Souza, from Brazil was invited via “web meeting” to present his experience in the project in the context of the Google Earth Engine (EE) collaborative environment.

Workshop goals:

We had three main goals, first, to discuss the results or modifications of the model developed at the 2015 RedLaTIF meeting in São Jose dos Campos, second, to present and discuss participants’ activities in terms of remote sensing and forest fires, and third, to have a round-table discussion about sources for financing network activities.

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