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NASA GLOBE Observer's LandChallenge


NASA needs your help collecting data through the new Land Cover tool in GLOBE Observer (GO) Why? One reason is to fill in details of the landscape that are too small for global land-mapping satellites to see. Land cover is critical to many different processes on Earth and contributes to a community’s vulnerability to disastsers like fire, floods or landslides. Read more at

GO Land Cover is kicking off with a data challenge to map as much land as possible between 22 Sept., Public Lands Day, and 1 Oct., NASA’s 60th anniversary. Download the app and start using the Land Cover feature within the app. The app will walk you through on how to make an observation.  The 10 citizen scientists who map the most land in this period will be recognized on social media and will receive a certificate of appreciation from GLOBE Observer.  
Follow GLOBE Observer on social for the latest news and tips: Facebook @nasa.globeobserver or Twitter @NASAGO or visit the GLOBE Observer web site, 

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