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Miombo Network (MIOMBO)

Miombo Network is an organisation dedicated to providing scientific information and policy guidance for a better future of the Miombo forests across their range countries. We conduct research and policy analysis aiming at improving the benefits and human livelihoods from miombo forest ecosystem.


US Contact Information

  1. Prof. David Roy
    Geospatial Sciences Center of Excellence
    South Dakota State University
    Wecota Hall, Box 506B
    Brookings, SD 57007-3510
    Phone : (01) 605 688 5352
    Fax : (01) 605 688 5227
    Email :
    Skype: david.p.roy

Regional Contact Information

  1. Dr. Natasha Ribeiro
    Department of Forest Engineering, Faculty of Agronomy and
    Forest Engineering, UEM
    Campus Universitario, Building # 1,
    P.O.Box 257, Maputo, Mozambique
    Ph#: +258-21492177. ext.1776
    Email: <>


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